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From learning a new skill to getting the most deserved opportunities, we’ve got it covered!


Recognition and Skills

Gain internationally recognised certification from our universities and institutional partners globally.

Trending in the Job


Gain skills with high demand in the international and local market. This demand is expected to grow exponentially in the coming decade.

Skilled by

International Experts

Learn from Internationally recognised faculty members with relevant experience and contribution in the IT sector.

Hands-on Learning

Project-driven learning methodology where you develop your own IT Project in 10 weeks. Extensive activity-based experience both in software and hardware.

No Prerequisites

The programme being a career starter does not require you to have a background in Programming or Computer Science as everything in this program is taught step-by-step from scratch.

Immediate Opportunities

Every step of this program is optimised to help you kickstart your career in these fields with Internship and scholarship opportunities for further study.

Every YOUTH is an artist. So youth, make your CANVAS ready, trace the SKILL and let the paint make your life COLORFUL ! I am sure this ambassadorship programme will help you find the right canvas for you.

Ajay Khatri, Butwal


If you have SKILL then you can find new ways of thinking and solving problems which helps you to build confidence in every way possible. The ambassadorship programme has given me that SKILL.

Pawan Regmi, Bharatpur


In this era of competition, skills are an essential asset towards a secured future. I gained valuable skills by joining the Skill Ambassadorship Programme.

Srijana Rawal, Kathmandu


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